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Borombai Menmurat uulu (in ancient sources - Bekmurat uulu) - (approximately lived in 1789-1858) - was a manap (leader of a community, village) of the “bugu -deer” tribe, who inhabited in Issyk-Kul, Karkyra and Tekess valleys.

He was good at navigating the relationship with China and Kokand (ancient kingdom in the region). Qing rulers presented him a ball and a hat feather - the symbols of special status of the certain authorities of China-in order to gain Borombai’s loyalty. Kokands rulers were presenting him gifts as well. None of the both sides understood that Boronbai, as a professional strategist in politics, was choosing for his people the position of favorable treatment.

In this situation only the Russian empire was able to provide effective help to Kyrgyz people, provide security from neighboring enemies and stop the internal tribal conflicts. Borombai was a very emphatic person who was able to sense the will of his people and knew that his authority depends on how he would meet the expectations of his tribe fellows.

That is the reason why Borombai was in a strong position to join the Russian empire. He also knew and sought his personal benefits. The Russian empire gently rewarded his assistantship. He was presented with abundant gifts; he became the lieutenant colonel of the Russian army, officially recognised as a head manap of the “Bugu'' tribe. And yet there is a fact that his personal interest and the will of kyrgyz people was matching.


Region: Issyk-Kul
Category: Cultural site


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