Kasym Tynystanov

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The scale of Kasym Tynystanov's activities in the field of cultural construction in Kyrgyzstan gives us the right to call him an outstanding scholar linguist-Turkologist, poet and prose writer.

Folklorist manasologist, playwright and journalist, bilingual translator, founder of the foundation of the Kyrgyz literary language, organizer and initiator of certain sections of the nascent science in Kyrgyzstan, educator of the Kyrgyz people, public and state figure.

The creator of the grammar of the Kyrgyz language was born in 1901 in the village of Chirpykty, Issyk-Kul district. Early learned to read and write in the Arabic alphabet. My father was a literate man of his time. In 1912-1916 he studied at the Russian-native school of Karakol and the s.Sazanovka.

During the national liberation uprising of 1916, he, along with his parents, fleeing from the punitive army of the tsarist empire, was forced to flee to China. After the October Revolution of 1917, he returned to his homeland.


He compiled the Uyghur alphabet of the original alphabet for the Dungan of Central Asia.
• Working in the Academic Center, he organized and coordinated scientific research in the field of everyday life, language and culture of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan, together with others created textbooks and manuals, carried out publishing activities.
• One of the first he stood at the origins of the collection of oral folk art of the Kyrgyz, among which a special place is occupied by the epic "Manas" and other small epics.
• Together with other prominent figures of education and culture, he organized the first Kyrgyz newspaper "Erkin-Llp"
• He wrote the play "Alymkul", published in Moscow a collection of poems "Kasym yrlarynyn zhyinagy", translated many works from Russian into Kyrgyz.
• K.Tynystanov was a polyglot who knew the languages of turkic-speaking peoples.
• In 1937, he was arrested for bourgeois nationalism and subversion on the ideological front. All his published and handwritten works were withdrawn from use or classified.
• Kasym Tynystanov is depicted on a 10-som banknote of the sample of 1994 and 1997.
• The name of Kasym Tynystanov was assigned to Issyk-Kul State University.
• In honor of Kasym Tynystanov, the central street and the school-gymnasium in Bishkek are named.

Kasym Tynystanov unexpectedly appeared at a time of twilight for the Kyrgyz people and, like a meteorite, brightly illuminated him with sparks of his exceptional giftedness. He appeared at that time and where there was an urgent need for such an exceptional person. It is bitter to realize that his life was violently cut short, and he could not fully realize his beautiful plans and plans.


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