QR-code instruction

What is QR-Code?

The QR-code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be easily recognized by a scanning device, including a mobile phone camera. With the help of a QR-code, information about objects of cultural and historical heritage is encrypted.

Where are the QR-codes?

Near the monuments in Bishkek there is a plate with a QR-code, with the help of which a link to information about him in Russian, Kyrgyz and English is encrypted.


How to use QR-codes

Open any QR-code reader, or open your phone camera if you have a built-in QR-reader. Hold the device so that the QR-code is in the viewfinder of the Camera app. The device will recognize the QR-code and a notification will appear.


What happens after scanning the QR-code?

You will be transferred to a page with all the detailed information about a landmark or monument. The information is available to anyone with a mobile phone or tablet near the monument, which will also make it easy and quick to get reliable information about it.

What's next?

All is ready! All information is provided free.