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Aibek Kyshtobaev

Businessman, public figure

He has graduated from Northwest University in China and University of California in the USA. Aibek has extensive experience in the stock market and venture capital investments. He is the founder of the Association of Kyrgyz-Chinese Investors to support the development of joint investment and business activities of companies and businessmen of Kyrgyzstan and China. Owner of the INTERA Group holding and Head of the World Asian Film Festival.

Aibek Kyshtobaev about the Este.kg project:

“In Kyrgyzstan we have a problem with ideology, with the cultural understanding of the historical meanings of many things. This problem should be covered at the primary education level. Unfortunately, the government does not have sufficient resources for resolving this issues. Although the culture and heritage of our ancestors are values that each of us should remember. Therefore, due to my capabilities, as a representative of civil society, as a person not indifferent to culture and history, I decided to take up this interesting project. This will not only be useful for our citizens, to whom we will remind about important historical figures who have made a huge contribution to the development of the country, but also it will be interesting for tourists, which will increase the attractiveness of the country and introduce them to our history."