Kurmanzhan Datka

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Alai queen

The monument was erected in 2004. Sculptor Viktor Shestopal, architect Alexei Muksinov. This place was previously occupied by monuments to Lenin (1948-1984), Dzerzhinsky (1987-1999), Erkindik (1999-2004)
Kurmanzhan-datka (1811 - February 1, 1907) - Kyrgyz statesman and military leader, leader and ruler of the Alai Kyrgyz from 1832 to 1876. Also known as "Queen of Alai", "Queen of the South" and "Mother of the Nation". She had the title of Datka (Queen) in the Kokand Khanate and the Bukhara Emirate. Colonel of the Russian Imperial Army (1876).
• In 1832, a wealthy Alai feudal lord Bek Alimbek, who had the title of Datka and headed the tribes of the Alai Kirghiz, freed Kurmanjan from the marriage contract and took her as his legal wife [2]. She bore him five sons, was a constant helper and adviser. Their marriage lasted 29 years and ended abruptly: Alimbek, who took part in numerous palace intrigues in the Kokand Khanate, in 1862, during one of the palace coups, fell into a trap and was killed. The board passed to his fifty-year-old wife.
• the activities and authority of the "Alai queen" were appreciated by many top military and state officials of the Turkestan region of the Russian Empire. Among them are the Russian governors general, military governors K. von Kaufman, A. Chernyaev, V. Rosenberg, M. D. Skobelev, N. Korolkov, A. Vrevsky, A. N. Kuropatkin, S. M. Dukhovsky, Povalo-Shyikovsky, M.E. Ionov and others.
• the merits of the "Alai queen" were duly recognized by Russia, assessed by the official authorities of the Turkestan general-governorship and the empire. They were expressed in the form of lifelong pensions, personalized gifts, up to the presentation for the Big Gold Medal. Until now, little-known is the fact that before receiving large pensions and awards from the Russian authorities, she received a small amount of pension - 25 rubles from the funds of the Turkestan Governor-General.
• Portrait on a banknote with a denomination of 50 soms of the 1994, 2002 and 2009 series.


Region: Bishkek
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