Kurmanzhan Datka

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There are many women in history who were famous personalities and influential political actors. There was also such a legendary personality in the history of the Kyrgyz people, Kurmanjan Datka Mamatbay Qizi.

She became the first and the only woman ruler in the context of the Muslim state, which completely ignored the interests and rights of women.

Kurmanjan was born In 1811, in a beautiful place- in the village of Orok, near Osh City, and grew up there. Mother Nature shaped the character of this extraordinary woman. She possessed bright intelligence and a brave heart. She put the interests of her family and nation above personal intentions and ambitions.

The ability to demonstrate masculine qualities - to behave like a warrior and fighter when the situation requires it, and the ability to tactfully yield to a disadvantageous position, that is, to be like water, have always been evident in the character of Kurmanjan Datka.

At the age of 18, she was given to marriage to Kulseyit. But contrary to all Muslim canons and traditions of the East, Kurmanjan left her husband.
Alymbek Datka married Kurmanjan in 1831.
Kurmanjan and Alymbek had five sons and two daughters.
Kurmanjan entered into a political life by joining the politics of the Fergana state in 1840.
In 1863 Kurmanjan received the title of "Datka" from Bukhara Emir Muzaffar and Khudoyar Khan.

In 1895, the elderly Datka had to endure one of her most bitter trials; her youngest son Kamchybek was sentenced to death.
For her services, she was awarded a gold medal on a St. Andrew's ribbon and an annual pension of 300 rubles for the rest of her life.
She composed poems under the pen name Zyinat.
Russian political and military figures who knew Kurmanjan personally - Lev Kostenko, Mikhail Ionov, Konstantin Kaufman - noted her worldly wisdom and extraordinary respect among compatriots.
She was moderately ascetic, preferring the countryside and mountains ranges to noisy city life. She spent winter and summer in a felt yurt, wandering along the slopes of the Alai ridge.
On February 1, 1907 in the village of Mady the 96 year old Kurmanjan Datka Alai queen died.

The first national celebration after the proclamation of sovereignty of Kyrgyzstan was the 180th anniversary of Kurmanjan Datka in the summer of 1991.
The Kurmanjan Datka Charity Foundation was founded in 1995.
Kurmanjan Datka's portrait can be seen on the front side of Kyrgyz 50 som banknotes.
In 2002 a book about the queen of Alay was published in three languages.
In 2004 a monument to Kurmanjan Datka was erected on Erkindik avenue in Bishkek
Streets in Bishkek and Osh are named after Kurmanjan Datka.
In 2014, the premiere of the historical epic movie "Kurmanjan Datka" was held on August 31st on the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan.

She is like Umai Ene, the spirit of a fearless protector that manifests itself in an extreme situation, or the spirit of a breadwinner of the clan, revealing itself in peacetime. Such personalities will protect and reconcile the nation and feed in times of trouble. This is what the Great Mother does …


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