Temirkul Umetaliyev

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Of all the awards, the title of people's poet is one of the most honorable. A folk poet is a poet whose work belongs to people.

The works of the national poet glorify the pathos of creation, life; they are patriotic, civic, deeply elevated, and therefore find their way to the human heart. Such a poet-citizen is the people's poet of Kyrgyzstan Temirkul Umetaliev

People's poet of Kyrgyzstan Temirkul Umetaliev was born in the village of Tuyuk-Jar. At the age of 8, he lost his father, and from that time began his working life. He was brought up in the Ak-Sui orphanage, studied at the Osh Pedagogical College, taught, studied at the Communist Institute of Journalism in Moscow.

Temirkul Umetaliev actively participated in the literary life of the republic, created many cycles of poems and poems about peaceful labor, about the nature of Kyrgyzstan, poems about love. He is the author of more than fifty different poetry collections published in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. Among them are collections of works of the poet in two volumes. Umetaliev's poems and poems have been translated into many languages of the peoples of the former USSR. The poet's poems are set to music and Umetaliev's lyrics become songs of his native mountains


• In 1931, his first poems were published, and the first book "Collection of Poems" was published in 1935.
• In 1934 he became a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR
• In 1935 he was appointed editor of the newspaper "Kyrgyzstan Pioneers"
• In his translations, Kyrgyz readers got acquainted with the best works of Russian and Soviet literature - A. S. Pushkin, V. Mayakovsky, N. Tikhonov, Y. Kupala, M. Bazhan, M. Tursun-zade and other poets.
• During the Great Patriotic War, T. Umetaliev, being at the front, created many poems of great emotional power, calling on their comrades in arms to fight against the fascist invaders to the victorious end.
• In literary criticism, he was called a poet-front-line soldier.
• On his initiative and thanks to his tireless activity, for the first time the collection and recording of works of oral folk art, primarily the epic "Manas" and other "small" epics, were carried out.
• The years 1970-80 were especially fruitful for Temirkul Umetaliev. The books "Mountain Flowers", "Transfiguration", "Zveni, Komuz", "Tegene", "Here is the Beginning", "Poems Evening Nesting", "Life of Winter", "Giant Bird", "Kyrgyz Tunes" and others were published. During these years, 115 of his books were published!
For outstanding achievements in the development of literature Temirkul Umetaliev was awarded the title of People's Poet of the Kyrgyz SSR. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, the Friendship of Peoples, the October Revolution, the Patriotic War of the II degree, the Red Star, two orders "Badge of Honor" and many medals, diplomas of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Supreme Soviet of the Republic.
In 1982, for the collection of poems "Flowers of the Mountains", the poet was awarded the State Prize of the Republic named after Toktogul Satylganov.


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