Togolok Moldo

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Togolok Moldo Kyrgyz Soviet akyn-democrat, educator. The performer of the epic "Manas".

Akin was born in the village of Kurka (now Ak-Talinsky district of Naryn region) in a peasant family in the early summer of 1860. The real name of the poet is Bayymbet Abdyrakhmanov. The father of the future akyn, Abdrakhman, was a connoisseur of Kyrgyz lyrics and often performed songs among the people.

From an early age, Bayymbet studied literacy with a local mullah. He studied at a rural Muslim school. Having lost his father, he was brought up by his grandfather's brother — Muzooke, a well-known akin and komuzist at that time. For his remarkable appearance — he was stocky and dense (round) and for his ability to read and write, akyn was nicknamed "Togolok Moldo". Subsequently, this nickname became his permanent pseudonym.

* Togolok Moldo started composing poems and writing them down at the age of 14
* While living in the Chui Valley, Bayymbet gets acquainted with famous Kyrgyz and Kazakh improvisational singers, reads books by Nizami, Navoi, Firdousi, Hafiz, Abai, etc. During these years, he learned the skill of retelling the epic "Manas" from the famous storyteller-manascha Tynybek
* Works as a doctor, teaches children to read and write.
* In satirical poems and in the poems "Kemchontoy", "Babyrkany", Togolok Moldo denounced the greed of the rich, in the poem "The Legend of Water and Land Birds" (1908) he depicted social contradictions in an allegorical form
• In 1916, due to harassment by the Manaps, he was forced to leave his native places and move to the village of Kolboor of the current Toguz-Torou district
* The pre-revolutionary creativity of Togolok Moldo is characterized by a realistic reflection of the difficult servile situation of the common people, an expression of their aspirations and hopes, an appeal to the desire to realize their bright dreams.
* Actively participated in the establishment of Soviet power in his native land
* In the early 1920s, opponents of the Soviet government tried to kill Akyn, the Basmachi twice ruined his house, took his wife away
* The works of Togolok Moldo have been published since 1925. The first edition of akyn was the poem "Nasyat" ("Instruction"), published in Moscow in 1925.
* Member of the USSR Writers ' Union since 1938
* Participant of the first decade of Kyrgyz art and literature in Moscow (1939).
* Awarded the Order "Badge of Honor".
* Togolok Moldo is the founder of the fable genre in Kyrgyz literature
* Togolok Moldo, a connoisseur of Kyrgyz folklore, is also known as a performer of the epic " Manas
* Died on January 4, 1942. He was buried in his homeland.
* Portrait of Togolok Moldo on a bill of 20 Kyrgyz som

Sculptural monument

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the people's akyn Togolok Moldo in 1963, a monument was erected in the center of the square named after him on Moskovskaya Street-a bust made of solid pink granite. Sculptor O. Manuylova, architect. Yu. Karikh


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